Inventors of Writing Instruments

Picture Of Writing With Ballpoint Pen

Inventors of a fountain pen and ballpoint pen saw the same fountain pen and found it flawed. First, one didn’t like that it leaked while the second didn’t like that it needed too much time to dry when it’s on the paper. And they made it better for all of us.

Lewis Waterman – Inventor of Fountain Pen

If you want to thank someone because you don’t have messy fingers and paper when you write with your fountain pen - thank Lewis Edson Waterman who improved a fountain pen and made it a useful tool.

László Bíró

If you are reading this, there is a high probability that you have at least one ballpoint pen in radius of 2 meters form yourself. And who deserves credit for that? László Bíró! (and his brother... and probably some more people...)

Picture Of Writing With Fountain Pen