Drawing Tools - What are the drawing pencils and other tools of drafting?

Many drawing tools are used for drawing, draughting and design. Drawing tools may be used for measurement and layout of drawing. They include pens, pencils, rulers, compasses, protractors and other drawing utilities.

Stencil Decoration


The stencil is a template for making pictures or texts by just applying it to the printing surface ant coloring it. This form of printing and coloring is used from stone ages, and it is still used today by artists, military, government and many others.

Ruler Measure


A ruler is a tool which helps people to measure, draw straight lines and do other stuff. It is used by carpenters, masons, drawers and many other. First rulers were made more than four thousand years ago.

Protractor Simple


Protractors are the tools that help humans to measure angles. Throughout history, protractors were also used to help sailors to navigate at sea. The first protractor was invented in sixteen century, and it is still used today.


Caliper and Vernier Scale

A caliper is a tool which is used for a measurement of some objects. Throughout history, calipers have many forms, and they are still in usage today. One of the types of the caliper is a vernier scale which is used for very precise measurement.

Drawing Compass

Drawing Compass

Drawing compass is a tool for drawing circles on a specific material but also for navigational help and measuring distances. Humans use it ever since ancient times. There are many types of a drawing compasses for different purposes.

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